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Let's go all the way tonight...
Oh, Hay There!! 
06 13 13
☆ So this is who I am;

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Hola!!! :D
Uhmm yeah... you know what to do :P

☆ First of all, if we haven't talked before, at least drop me a hello on this entry, otherwise I'm NOT gonna add you back.
☆ I like to take the time to read people journals and get to know my friends so, I wait the same from my LJ friends. I know you guys can't read ALL the entries but if you never comment here or never update your own, well, then I don't see the point of becoming friends.
☆ I'm 28, so I ain't adding people under 18 years old.
☆ I'm a HUGE football fan. I also love Twilight and Vampire Diaries.
☆ I adore to make picspams and for me it's always meme time! LOL
☆ I'm such a fangirl honestly, so consider yourselves warned!! :P

Daniel Agger♥
Cristiano Ronaldo♥
Fernando Verdasco♥
Megan Fox. Olivia Wilde. Jessica Biel. Mischa Barton. Bar Refaeli. Drew Barrymore. Karolina Kurkova. Kate Bosworth. Paola Nuñez. Anahi. Kristen Stewart. Kristen Bell.
Never Been Kissed. Blue Crush. Amores Perros. 300. When harry met Sally. Chicago. Slumdog Millionaire. Twilight. Amar te Duele.
Premier League. MANCHESTER UNITED. SAF. Evra. Wazza. Gary Neville. Giggsy. Scholes. Anderson. Carrick. Rio. Vidic. Evans. Rafael. Fabio. Van Der Sar. Chicharito. Berbatov. REAL MADRID. La Liga. España. Sergio Ramos. Iker. Torres. Raul. Guti. Pepe. Villa. Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo. UCL. World Cup. Fashion. High Heels. Handbags. SunGlasses. Black Mascara. Heroes. Reggeaton. TWILIGHT. Taylor Lautner. Kristen Stwart. Robert Pattison. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Paul Wesley. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. TENNIS. Wimbledon. Australian Open. US Open. Roland Garros. Davis Cup. Rafa Nadal. La Armada Española.
Juanes. Shakira. Lenny Kravitz. Green Day. Camila. Sin Bandera. RBD. Enanitos Verdes. Linkin Park. Daddy Yankee. Wisyn y Yandel. Rihanna. Fall Out Boy. Soda Estereo. Madonna. Belanova. Reik. Kalimba. Black Eye Peas. Usher. Beyonce. Fobia.

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Daniel Agger♥

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Manchester United


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☆         ☆         ☆          ☆         ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆ 
um NO?
09 30 09 (UTC)
Hi! I'm a mod at enlaced, and I wanted to congratulate you for being a member of the month :) go over and check the post out for details.
09 30 09 (UTC)
really!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
10 23 09 (UTC)
Hi. Saw that we had some things in common. Hope you don't mind that I added you. :)
10 24 09 (UTC)
XD of course not!!! Thanks 4 adding me! LOL I'll add you too :D
12 01 09 (UTC)
That new header is ahhmazing hee I lurv ittt! :P
12 01 09 (UTC)
awww Linda!!!!!!!!!! TY so much!!! YEY!!! :D
(Deleted comment)
01 15 10 (UTC)
:D:D yeah 9 out of 10 are in english :D aww I'll add you back!! where are you from??
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
01 16 10 (UTC)
Hi. I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind. We like some of the same people.
01 17 10 (UTC)
Hola!! XDXD I'll add you back ♥
01 17 10 (UTC)
Thanks for adding me.:D You're very nice. I'm new to lj.
01 17 10 (UTC)
:D:D I think you'll like it!! XDXD of you need help with something just ask. I'll try to teach you how to do it hahahaha :P
02 28 10 (UTC)
U know, yo tengo que estar por aqui no? *o*
02 28 10 (UTC)
hahaha :D hablas español???? ♥ Siiiii definitivamente!!
03 30 10 (UTC)
can added me?
05 08 10 (UTC)
Please sign up for the 1st round @ bands20in20 you can sign up for any bands or any singers, so sign up now :D x
05 10 10 (UTC)
So we've been talking for a bit during the C-Ron massive awesome pic spasms that have been going on, and I felt that it was time that I add you! :) I hope you add me back.
05 11 10 (UTC)
:D I would love to !! :D thanks for adding me
05 13 10 (UTC)
hey, I added you on tumblr, is that okay? :)
05 13 10 (UTC)
Hola, sure, its ok! :D
05 15 10 (UTC)
05 16 10 (UTC)
hi!! :D do you speak spanish?
06 15 10 (UTC)
I just came across your journal through the Cristiano community and my you sound like my other half. haha =) Nice to see fellow tennis/twilight/hero fans.
06 15 10 (UTC)
LOL :D:D oh really!!!!!!! **falls inlove** Then I should totally add you bb :D if you like?
06 19 10 (UTC)
added me?
06 19 10 (UTC)
hey bb, ok, I'll add you back again, but where are you? I never see you around :( and basically your journal its blank. I hope this time we get to chat a bit more :D
06 22 10 (UTC)
Hope you don't mind that I added you. =)
06 22 10 (UTC)
Hola :D Nah, of course not :P
(Deleted comment)
06 26 10 (UTC)
Hola!!! :D:D of course, I'm crazy about futebol, so go ahead and I'll add you back! :D Thanks for stop by here btw
07 02 10 (UTC)
Hey, you found me! LOL. I live your pic with the converse! It's pretty cool!
Thanks for dropping by my LJ and leaving comments, and also adding me as your friend! LOL.
I hope to talk to you often, then! LOL. I will see you around!
07 03 10 (UTC)
Hola!!! :D:D thanks for leaving me a comment!! and omg you found me on youtube ahahaha I kinda like the idea that I'm the only Michelle on the internets that loves Dan sfm hehe ;) thanks for adding me back!! **hugs** C-ya arouuuunddd :P
(Deleted comment)
07 06 10 (UTC)
LOL its ok, if you are gonna turn 18 soonish its great! I just don't like to add like 13/14 year olds, you know? 'cos I'm OLD! ahaha ima go add you :D btw where did you see me?? :D
07 09 10 (UTC)
Hello! I requested to add you because you seem really cool & love that you love Cristiano.. hehe :)
07 09 10 (UTC)
hola!! :D I'll add you back, thanks for leaving me a comment :D where are you from??
(Deleted comment)
09 17 10 (UTC)
Hiiiiiiii :D I didn't know you changed your name LOL awww thanks for come here and let me know!! I will add you right back!!! YEY!!
(Deleted comment)
04 13 11 (UTC)
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